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Why Work With a Coach?


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  • are tired of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed
  • long for life to feel like it's working right NOW
  • want to BE more and DO less
  • feel called to "be the change you'd like to see in the world"
  • aren't sure how to "make a difference" though you feel a deep calling to create a positive impact with your life
  • crave a deeper or more synergistic connection with others
  • are ready to experience your full POWER as a spiritual being having a human experience

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Coaching for the 21st Century

Sue has the experience to guide you gently from where you are in life right now to where you want to be. Using powerful Energy and Spiritual Psychology principles and tools this life-long teacher and grandma will show you how to love yourself so deeply that you will blossom into the radiant being you always meant to be. She will introduce you to new, empowering stories that will reveal your innate power to you.  And she will hold you unflinchingly to your highest self as you learn to take the reins of that Infinite Power into your own hands to create - whatever you want.